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Spine - Spinal Surgeries, Treatment Reduce Pain and Increase Mobility

Spinal Surgeries, Treatment Reduce Pain and Increase Mobility

Fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeons perform routine and complex spinal surgeries at The Orthopedic Hospital, including artificial disc procedures, spinal fusions and fracture repairs. In addition to treating cervical, lumbar or thoracic problems, The Orthopedic Hospital also provides pain management treatments for back pain.

Laser Discectomy for Herniated Discs Speeds Up Recovery Time

Laser discectomy is a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure to treat herniated discs. Patients are sedated and a laser is used to remove damaged disc material located between vertebrae. The procedure is performed through a hollow needle inserted into the disc. Since there is no open incision, this approach minimizes pain and scar tissue and speeds recovery time.

Computer-Guided Navigation Aids in Precision Spine Surgeries

Computer-guided navigation is used for select spine surgeries. This technology enables surgeons to better visualize the anatomy of a patient's spine, more accurately track surgical instruments and more precisely place hardware. This approach also allows surgeons to perform less-invasive procedures, reduces radiation for surgeons and staff and helps improve clinical outcomes.

Aquatic Therapy Aids in Spinal Decompression

The Orthopedic Hospital's rehabilitation services include aquatic therapy in a multilevel heated pool that measures 3.5 to 8 feet. The varying depths allow patients to walk with less weight-bearing effect in the shallow end and also receive deep-water therapy treatment in the deep end. Such therapies help decompress the spine and increase mobility.

Fellowship-Trained Spine Surgeons

The Orthopedic Hospital's fellowship-trained spine surgeons perform routine and complex procedures to alleviate pain and enhance mobility. To learn more about these specialists, click here.