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Knee - Procedures for a Wide Range of Knee Injuries

Procedures for a Wide Range of Knee Injuries

When it comes to delivering solutions for complex knee injuries, The Orthopedic Hospital's experienced surgeons have it covered. Knee pain can stem from an accident, a variety of health conditions or an athletic injury and may require surgical intervention to improve mobility and alleviate pain. Some of the procedures to address muscles, tendons, ligaments or joints include:

Pain Relief, Improved Mobility with Total or Partial Knee Replacement

When chronic knee pain from arthritis or another condition makes active living difficult or even impossible and medication fails to help, total knee replacement or partial knee replacement may be the solution.

During knee replacement surgery, surgeons remove damaged cartilage and bone from the surface of the knee joint and replace it with a man-made joint to restore alignment and function. The Orthopedic Hospital team specializes in partial and total knee replacements, as well as pain management and rehabilitation services designed to maximize recovery.

Uni-Knee Partial Replacement Allows Faster Healing and Return to Activities

Patients who only need a portion of their knee replaced may benefit from minimally invasive unicompartmental knee arthroplasty at The Orthopedic Hospital. The uni-knee, or UKA, approach targets the damaged compartment, removing the cartilage and bone and replacing it with a small implant. This approach to partial knee replacement helps patients get back to doing what they love more quickly.

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