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Hip - Providing Surgical Solutions for Hip Pain

Providing Surgical Solutions for Hip Pain

Hip pain caused by arthritis, injury or other conditions can make daily activities much more challenging. Physicians at The Orthopedic Hospital provide surgical solutions to relieve pain and increase mobility, including:

Relieve Pain, Improve Mobility with Total Hip Replacement

When severe hip pain leads to inactivity, it may be time for a hip replacement. Total hip replacements are typically performed as a result of progressive arthritis in the hip joint. Replacements may also be due to hip fractures or disease.

During total hip replacement surgery, damaged cartilage and bone are removed and a new metal, plastic or ceramic joint is positioned to restore the alignment and function of the hip. The Orthopedic Hospital specializes in the minimally-invasive anterior approach, as well as traditional hip replacement surgery.

Anterior-Approach Hip Replacement Less Invasive

With the specialized skills of its orthopedic surgeons, The Orthopedic Hospital is becoming a surgical destination for people seeking the anterior approach to hip replacement. TOH was one of the first hospitals in Indiana to acquire the surgical table needed to perform anterior-approach hip replacement. This table enables surgeons to replace the hip from the front without cutting major muscles and using a single incision.

Benefits of the anterior approach compared to traditional hip replacements include:

  • Faster recovery
  • Fewer days in the hospital
  • Less pain
  • Less scarring
  • Lower risk of dislocation

Meet the Surgeons Who Alleviate Hip Pain

The Orthopedic Hospital's team of surgeons delivers solutions to an extensive list of orthopedic conditions, including hip pain and injury. Click here to find out more about these specialists.