Anterior-Approach Hip Replacement

Innovative Hip Procedure Offers Faster Recovery

The Orthopedic Hospital was the first hospital in northern Indiana to offer anterior-approach hip replacements and has become a surgical destination for patients seeking this innovative procedure. Anterior-approach hip replacement is less invasive than traditional hip replacement, requiring only a single incision without any muscle detachment. The anterior approach leads to quicker recovery and improved function.

Special Surgical Table; Specialized Skills

Anterior-approach hip replacement is performed by specially trained orthopedic surgeons using a surgical table with traction-like boots. This uniquely designed table enables the surgeon to stabilize the patient's legs independently, as well as raise or lower the legs or the patient's upper body to maintain proper alignment. As a result, a hip joint can be replaced through a single incision with no detachment of muscle from the pelvis to the femur. X-rays may also be taken during surgery to ensure proper implant placement and leg length.

Benefits of the Anterior-Approach Hip Replacement

Patients who undergo anterior-approach hip replacement enjoy the following benefits compared to conventional hip replacement:

  • Less pain and scarring
  • Fewer restrictions
  • A lower risk of dislocation
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Significantly quicker recovery time

Anterior Approach vs. Conventional Hip Replacement

The anterior approach makes it possible to replace a hip joint with a single incision and to avoid injury to the surrounding muscles. By comparison, conventional methods require detachment of muscles that control hip motion and help prevent dislocation. Trauma to these muscles causes pain and swelling that requires additional healing time and rehabilitation. In addition, with the conventional methods, there are major restrictions, such as not flexing the hip beyond 90 degrees, which affects basic activities like sitting, crossing the legs, putting on shoes and driving.

Presurgery Evaluation and Education

Presurgery evaluation and education are designed to prepare patients for surgery - both physically and mentally. All hip replacement patients are evaluated through the Preoperative Asessment Clearance Education (PACE) Clinic to identify and address any potential risks. In addition, Joint Camp provides specialized education to first-time total hip replacement patients. Topics include what to expect and pain management. Patients also talk with staff from key areas and have a final meeting to review the surgical plan.

Anterior-approach hip replacement is an innovative, less-invasive procedure that helps speed recovery. Click here to learn more about the surgeons performing hip replacements, including some who perform this procedure.